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Introducing the new Volkswagen Touareg

Be moved by design that moves with your life. The new Touareg pairs a sleek, stunning exterior with forward-thinking technology. It’s made to impress from every angle, with every drive. Discover more at:

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace - with surprisingly spacious trunk

Make your best friend smile with the spacious trunk of the Tiguan Allspace.

WLTP explained by Volkswagen

How much fuel does a vehicle consume? Volkswagen can now answer this question far more precisely with the new and standardised WLTP driving cycle. The new test cycle for measuring fuel consumption is more closely oriented on everyday driving behaviour.

Real Driving Emissions: RDE explained by Volkswagen

RDE stands for Real Driving Emissions. Unlike the NEDC and WLTP, the emission measurements are performed in real traffic conditions rather than on a test rig. The exhaust emissions (nitrogen oxides and particles/particulate matter) recorded while driving in traffic are called real emissions.